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Transportation Service

All resident students of Buhler USD 313 are eligible for bus transportation. Bus routes run only within Buhler USD 313 attendance boundaries.

Special arrangements may be made to meet a district bus a pre-determined stop and be transported to school.

Request for Bussing Changes
Please either fill out the PDF form or click on the link below if you have any changes to your address, contact information or bussing status. When completed, please return this form to either your child's building secretary or the Transportation Center secretary. If you have any questions please contact the Transportation Center secretary at (620) 543-6829.
Online Form:
PDF Form:
After School Activities

Activity buses are provided for students engaged in after-school activities. These buses are scheduled to depart the high school on regular established routes with designated stops according to a pre-determined time schedule.

Out-of-Town Events

Transportation for non-participating students to out-of-town athletic events and other special activities will be held to a reasonable limit and students will be charged a fee based on the expenses incurred for the trip.

Any student participating in a school-sponsored event away from home will use school transportation. Students will not be charged for transportation on school-sponsored educational field trips.

Transportation scheduling is handled through the Buhler USD 313 Transportation Center (620) 543-6829 or (877) 789-3406.