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Grants and Donors Choose

Donors Choose and other grants are a great way to get resources for your classroom projects you would like to take on. Grants for technology, curriculum and programs not sustainable will generally not be approved. To submit a grant, whether it be through Donors Choose or a different grant opportunity, we are requesting that you first receive approval from your building administrator and either the Assistant Superintendent or Integration Specialist. 


In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link below that says "Google Document for Grant Request"
  2. It will prompt you to make a copy
  3. After you have clicked "make a copy," Title the document "Your Name - Project Title." 
  4. Answer the questions provided. (They are similar to what many grants request, so responses can be used again when applying for the grant)
  5. Send a PDF copy to your building administrator or print a copy for them to sign.
  6. Your building administrator will send it to the Burkholder Administration Center to be approved by Cindy Couchman or Kyle McClure.


Items received through grants and/or Donors Choose must be formally accepted by the USD 313 Board of Education. When materials arrive they are considered the property of the classroom of the requesting teacher. If the teacher moves classrooms within USD 313, the materials may follow. If the teacher leaves the district, the materials stay as property of USD 313. When a project is successful, documentation of the dollar amount and project should be emailed to the Curriculum Director or Integration Specialist in order to be approved by the school board.