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Education Foundation

The Buhler USD 313 Education Foundation is an independent, community-based organization formed to enhance the quality of education for all Buhler USD 313 students by redirecting resources towards areas of identified student needs.

Background Information

The Buhler USD 313 Education Foundation was formed in December, 1998, by the Buhler USD 313 Board of Education to enrich the educational experiences and opportunities for all of our students.

Public funding is often restricted in use and availability. Private funding has a significant role to play in providing the “extras” that are sometimes needed or to support educational opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to students.

The Education Foundation manages cash, products and services donated to the school district. It is a not-for-profit corporation and operates as a separate entity from the Board of Education. The money donated to the foundation is not used to fund the budget of Buhler USD 313.

The Buhler USD 313 Education Foundation has identified four goals:

Enhance the quality of education for all students.

Provide individuals, businesses, and organizations an opportunity to contribute to the education mission of Buhler USD 313.

Maximize the financial earning potential of scholarship, endowment, and designated funds through prudent asset management.

Increase community involvement and support, and encourage communication between the community and school.

Education Foundation Fund Management

Resources and funds will be invested and managed separately from Buhler USD 313 funds. Your gift to the foundation may be designated for a specific use or given as an undesignated donation. The Board of Trustees must accept and approve all gifts, and all qualifying gifts are tax exempt. The Board of Trustees retains sole fiduciary responsibility, and must file a report with the Buhler USD 313 Board of Education once a year.

Your Gift Can Benefit Many Areas

The Buhler USD 313 Education Foundation is an excellent way to provide on-going support for a special project or to fund a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Funds may be designated to benefit a specific program, such as art, music, drama; a specific curricular area, such as math, science or language arts; students who have special needs; a specific grade level; a general purpose scholarship; or any number of special uses.

Mike Berblinger
Superintendent of Schools
Buhler USD 313
406 West 7th
Buhler, KS 67522

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees was appointed by the Buhler USD 313 Board of Education in December, 1998.

Laura Meyer Dick, President
Ann Hanen, Vice President
Amy Bretz, Secretary
Jennifer Berning, Treasurer
Angie Wiehl, Community Representative 
Tim Lackey, Community Representative

Susan Cook, Community Representative
Jim Gazaway, Community Representative
Payton DeMeyer, Community Representative
Megan Miller, Community Representative 
Iris Rees, Community Representative

Troy Hutton, Community Representative
Cale McCabe, Community Representative 

April Wisecarver, Community Representative
Amy Fluck, Community
Darian Ridder, Community Representative
Cliff Wray, Board of Education Representative

Jason Kohls, District Employee Representative 
Paul Erickson, District Employee Representative

Cindy Couchman, Superintendent of Schools

Shane Hecox, Buhler USD 313 Director of Finance