Buhler Unified School District 313

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Welcome to Buhler USD 313!                     

Mission/Vision/Core Expectations

 Community Expectations

The Buhler school district is 137.7 square miles in size and encompasses the town of Buhler and parts of the North and East of the city of Hutchinson. We have three elementary schools (Pre-K through 5), one middle school (6-8) and one high school (9-12). We educate approximately 2,300 students.


Recent accomplishments include:

            *An expanded Pre-K program in all of our elementary schools

            *Improved Post-Secondary Success Rate: 68.5% in 2015 and 63% for a 5-year average

            *Completed work on two capital improvement bond projects in the past 5 years


Recent challenges include:

            *Low cash balances and cash reserves as we come out of a third year of block grant funding by the state

            *Enrollment continues to increase over the past 4 years putting a strain on the frozen block grant budget

A Quality School

The definition of a "quality" educational program continues to evolve in Buhler USD 313. We are striving to become an organization that sustains continuous progress towards our strategic priorities and educational mission of providing a quality, equal educational opportunity and a comprehensive foundation for the life-long learning process for all students. By placing greater emphasis on the intrinsic value of learning and redefining roles and responsibilities in relation to the organization, we are restructuring our use of time and resources. Every facet of our school district's operation will embrace standards based on updated performance data.

Core Values

* High Level Learning is our Priority

* Respect is our Norm

* Honesty is our Expectation

* Collaboration is our Culture

* Integrity is our Foundation

Accreditation/School Improvement

USD #313 is part of the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation model (KESA) through the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE). It is a five-year process in which an Outside Validation Team (OVT) visits the district to complete the following tasks:


* Validate the process and results
* Identify areas for improvement (AFI)
* Confer on challenges
* Provide visit summaries to KSDE
* Recommend accreditation rating to KSDE/sBOE


The process involves results around the 5 State Board Outcomes:


* Kindergarten readiness

* Graduation rates

* Post high school completion

* Individual plans of study

* Social / Emotional factors

Our school improvement model is based on Rick DuFour's Professional Learning Community (PLC). Leading our school improvement efforts is the District Leadership Team, comprised of teachers and administrators from each building.

Special Education

Special education needs are met through Buhler USD 313’s participation in Reno County Education Cooperative (RCEC). RCEC provides special education services to five of the six school districts in Reno County.

Our Community

Buhler USD 313 serves the communities of Buhler and northeastern Hutchinson, Kansas.