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Covid-19 and School Closure Resource Center

Introduction to Continuous Learning

The Continuous Learning Plan is the plan that all districts are creating to allow Kansas students to continue learning even though the buildings are closed.  School districts across Kansas are putting CLPs in place to ensure the continuous education of their students. Plans will vary in each district across the state.  Educators will develop essential outcomes and create plans for their students to meet these essential outcomes. Students may learn through various virtual platforms (Seesaw, Google Classroom, Flipgrid) and/or paper assignments.  We have identified the learning management and parent communication systems for all grades, as well as the maximum time students should spending working on learning tasks each day. Continue below for resources to help you with the technology and an FAQ section.

Technology Help and Resources

Below are some links to resources to help you understand the technology platforms your student will be using. Your teacher may be switching from a platform they have used all year. This is so that we can simplify communication across the district and prevent parents needing to check so many platforms if multiple students are in the district.


Parent's Guide to Google Classroom Video

Remote Learning with Seesaw-For Families

Student's Guide to Zoom

Getting Started with Flipgrid for Students Video


School Closure Q & A


Who qualifies for the daily lunch and breakfast program?

Anyone between the ages of 1 and 18 may receive a free lunch and a breakfast for the following day. These meals will be available Monday-Friday from 11:00 to 12:00 at either Union Valley Elementary School or Buhler High School.  Any student receiving a lunch must be present.  

Does my child need a technology device to complete school work?

Students in grades 3-12 will be provided school-issued devices that they have been using on a daily basis in their classrooms.  Depending on the number of devices needed for PreK-2nd grade students, the district may be able to divide out the remaining devices to PreK-2nd grade families who do not have devices available at home.

How will we receive a school-issued device and what will the device be?

Students in grades 3-12 will be able to pick up their devices and chargers when their personal supplies are picked up on Thursday, March 26 or Friday, March 27.  K-2 students who have no device at home and

  • K-2- iPad
  • 3-8- iPad
  • 9-12-Chromebook

Will the Continuous Learning Plan mean my child is on a device all day?

No.  The time recommendations for students’ learning in this model vary from a typical school day.


30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


90 minutes


30 minutes per class (maximum of 3 hours total)

These minutes could include work on a device as well as work on paper or on hands-on learning projects.

What if I do not have internet access at home?

Buhler 313 is working with local providers to see if there are ways to provide internet access to families who currently do not have it. Ideatek, for example, is working on offering “drive-in” wifi in parking lots.  Starting March 23, the following locations will have access points installed near parking stalls or lots where users can get online from the comfort of their vehicles and still practice social distancing. More locations will be added in days to come.  To stay updated visit our Public Wifi Resource Page

Buhler:  IdeaTek, 111 Old Mill Street

Buhler:  Buhler City Library, 121 N. Main

Hutchinson: Prairie Hills Middle School

Do I need to find my own resources to teach my child since the school building is closed?

There is no need to purchase or acquire resources or a device to teach your child.  Your child’s teacher will be providing you with the resources and strategies your child needs to learn and be successful.  However, you are more than welcome to promote learning as you see fit. 

I’ve heard that kids might be able to come to school in small groups of less than 10.  Is that going to happen in Buhler? 

Currently, our BOE and Reno County Health Department is allowing small groups of  less than 10 to gather. All individuals must remain at least 6’ apart.


Will my child's teacher be available during the day for me or my student to get help?


Yes, each teacher has been asked to designate 2 "office" hours. These may be split up and can take place any time between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. Teachers will be communicating these to students and parents.

Will my child be able to get things from their locker or classroom?

Yes, each building is creating a schedule and plan for students to come and pick up supplies, including items left in their desks/lockers, devices, and medication/supplies from the nurse.  Supplies will be available for pick-up on Thursday, March 26 and Friday, March 27. Please watch for communication from your child’s specific building about this process.

When can I expect teachers to contact my child?

Buhler 313 staff will be working the week of March 23-27 to plan and organize learning for your child. 

When can I expect my child to begin school work under the Continuous Learning Plan? 

Staff will be organizing and working on their plans the week of March 23-27.  Students and families should expect to start their learning on March 30.

As a parent/guardian, what should I do to support my child in this Continuous Learning Plan model?

As a parent/guardian, you are a critical part of this plan’s success.  Although this is a new way of learning, it is crucial that students and families are receptive to this new and different style of teaching and learning. If you have ideas or suggestions, please give feedback to your child’s teachers and administrators. Most importantly, give everyone grace- your child, your child’s teacher and administration, and yourself. We understand the challenges many families face with working parents, siblings who may have to care for younger siblings, and inadequate access to the internet. We ask that you make every effort to ensure your child is able to finish the work and please reach out and communicate to your child’s teacher.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

You may contact your child’s teacher and if they are unable to answer they will direct you to the building principal. 

Will school offices be open? Will the BAC be open?

School buildings are not open to the public and offices are not operational.   The Burkholder Administrative Center will be closed to the public but will continue to receive mail and critical business operations will still function.